Can I receive a free membership with YVYCF_ES?



Your Voice Your Choice Foundation is a community/social group which provides employment education and information for job seekers and health education and information for the general public. This information is made easily accessible across the World Wide Web and is archived to be readily available for review and benefit of social development. Job search education and other employment information can be found on our Employment Services website (YVYCF_ES).

Your Voice Your Choice Foundation offers professional services for businesses want to promote company benefits and values, offer employment or education opportunities or promote goods and/or services. Your Voice Your Choice Employment Services (YVYCF_ES) also offers member benefits. YVYCF_ES members receive a custom and updatable company profile, directory listing, geographical map listing and other member benefits.

Community groups and outreach agencies that offer benefits and services for job hunters, such as, computer literacy training, life skills education, G.E.D’s, bus fare to search for work, bus fare to go to and from work, vouchers for work clothing, job search materials (i.e. computers) or other work related or job search assistance qualify to receive a membership fee waiver or no cost membership to include all member benefits.

If you are a community group or agency that would like to sign up or are interested in more information about Your Choice Your Voice Foundation’s employment services and member benefits please visit us on our employment service website YVYCF_ES | Careers and Education You can also follow the image links below.


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