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Your Voice Your Choice Foundation’s primary focus and function is the social welfare of the general public. We are conducting research to provide informative and educational medical health information including alcohol and substance abuse also employment education information and employment opportunity information. This information is distributed across devices accessible to the general public to review for educational and informational benefit. Furthermore, Your Voice Your Choice Foundation is a philanthropic organization whose endeavors are in social and economic development for the benefit of mentally and physically disadvantaged individuals, veterans, youth in education, scholars and the unemployed.

Keep “up to date and in the action” with Your Voice Your Choice Foundation online. For your free information or to sign up with Your Voice Your Choice Foundation, email us: Your Voice Your Choice Foundation, @yvycfoundation yvycfoundation@writeme.com or visit http://www.yvycfoundation.com

Your Choice Your Voice Foundation provides information for the information itself, we do not offer medical advice as we are not medical experts. Our information is for anyone and everyone to review for the information only. Our information is not provided as medical advice for diagnosis and/or treatment . Please consult with your personal physician for any medical advice and or treatments.

We encourages your questions, comments and concerns. Please feel free to contact or visit us on any of our social platforms where related materials are available for viewing. We are located on

Click here to view our blog on WordPress, @YVYCfoundation

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