Your Voice Your Choice Foundation, @yvycfoundation is a proud supporter of education and awareness. We offer information for education, job placement, health awareness, research, the search for a cure and treatment for chronic and terminal illnesses. We are working with diligence to provide the appropriate tools and knowledge base for economic development, youth development, and health development issues and concerns.

The Your Voice Your Choice Foundation has the best minds in the world available to provide information on various subjects, however, we do not provide any medical advice, we do not offer any medical opinions and we do not give diagnosis’ as we are not trained in the medical field or scientific study of medicine. We are not medical experts and the information found on our site should not be taken as medical advice neither should it be used to determine a diagnosis. We offer information only. If you are seeking medical advice, medical opinion or if you are looking for a diagnosis please consult your personal medical practitioner for the best possible advice, treatment and/or diagnosis.

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