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yvycfes_logo Your Voice Your Choice Foundation Employment Services (YVYCF_ES) is a education and career portal for job seekers, educators and employers. Educational and career development is the goal intended for all job seekers. Are biggest concern is customer satisfaction and solutions for real world work applications. Search interview tips, resume pointers, employment referrals and apprentice opportunities to get the advantage you deserve in a career and environment you enjoy with YVYCF Employment Services


Do you need help or tips creating a professional resume?

Get free Microsoft Word resume templates, writing tips, business plan template, invoice templates, legal forms and more with Vertex42 No sign up is required, your save, download and/or print your resume when appropriate. Simply follow the link provided and begin creating a professional resume today.

Get resume templates, writing tips and more with Vertex42, the guide to excel in everything
Free resume templates

This converter allows you to change the format of a PDF file to an editable document with the best quality. Try PDF to Doc, it’s free so why wait. All you have to do is upload the .pdf file you wish to convert and choose the format you prefer.
Are you a self-starter/entrepreneur or bootstrapper?

If you a positive, energetic outgoing people person, have career goals or achievements you intend to pursue as a self-starter You have what it takes to be in business. We believe can achieve the next level of your dreams.

If you are interested in an entrepreneurs training course that you can learn and apply organization skills, web layouts, branding, marketing and sales techniques plus other important real world skills needed run and operate a successful online,entrcrsetllz home-based or location business, we have a special course available for entrepreneurs, find out how to get started today.

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