Interview tips


Common interview questions and answers:

Tell me something about yourself? Talk about education, where you grew up.

What are your strengths? Talk about what your strongest traits or skills. This tells the interviewer how positive you think about yourself.

What are your weaknesses? If the job requires a skill you don’t have but you know you can develop, this is not a weakness, express your eagerness and willingness to learn new things or the willingness to learn the same things you already know in a different aspect. Don’t get negative. Instead answer the question with a trait you can work on (i.e. I’m an over thinker- however when I write out and plan my objectives I generally produce the best solutions for the outcome in a reasonable time frame).

Where do you see yourself in five years? Or what are your short term and long term goals? Generally the interviewer is looking for how long you plan to be with the company. You could answer, I would like to be in a management or I would like to be in a lead position (i.e. training, HR., or recruiting).

What do you know about our company? Do some research and learn about the positive aspects and objectives of the company. What is the products and/or services offered?

How well to you handle change? I am flexible, I don’t mind taking on new tasks and challenges.

Do you work well under pressure? I am organized, I enjoy taking on extra tasks or projects and/or when a deadline is set I am eager to complete the task beforehand.

How do you handle making important decisions? I would familiarize myself with the objective in order to decipher the best possible outcome and ask someone knowledgeable about what they might think or feel about the decisions or choice I’ve concluded.

Interview Tips:

Be on time– if you are not on time for the interview how will you be on time for the start of the shift?

Dress for success– does the job require suit and tie or will you be in jeans and a shirt- if you’re going to doing a hot and dirty job like welding or other construction jobs chances are the employers aren’t looking for someone in a suit and dress shoes. If the job is in an office setting then the chances are employers aren’t looking for someone dressed in jeans and boots.

Make friends– be friendly and polite, make eye contact, shake hands and listen.

Ask questions.

Get excited– be enthusiastic.

Create a presentation– bring a resume or portfolio.

Research the company and position you are interviewing for– who or what is the company, what do they specialize in, what positions are available (i.e. is the job on an assembly line, is it in a sales position or in management), will you be sitting or standing, does the work require heavy lifting or does the work require bending, what skills do you need, does the company offer training, are there bonuses or benefits, how can you fit in or benefit the company?

Review and prepare answers for the most common interview questions– keep your answers concise and consistent do not ramble.

Prepare a few success stories– highlight achievements from your past, personal or work life and reflect on one or more of your strengths.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer– this shows that you are prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the job plus this will allow you to learn more about the company and the position you will be interviewing for- what incentives or bonuses are offered (i.e. paid time off, vacation and/or holiday pay), when does the job start, how much is the salary or base rate of pay, what are they looking for from you?

Tailor your interview to the company you’re interview for– let them know that you are the person for the job, that you want the job and that you are interested in the job.

Sell yourself– leave a lasting impression.

Follow up on the interview– call back for a follow up. Do not call every day, three time a day. Once or twice per week with the first call being a few days after the interview. A good rule is to ask the interviewer when the best time is to call back for the follow up and who to speak to.

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