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Anything Books, Comics and Magazines Book Club and Chat Group

Anything Books, Comics and Magazines Book Club and Chat is a “read for a cause” program which promotes educational development, youth development and social development.

Register today, become a member of Your Voice Your Choice Foundation and join our read for a cause book club and chat group, “Anything Books, Comics, and Magazines”. Participate in group discussions, write comments about books read or comment on a discussion topic, write a review, comment on others’ review, suggest books for future reads and chat amongst friends.

Become a member of Your Voice Your Choice Foundation. Show your support and register today. Join now, become apart of the club and begin to read for a cause.

Anything Books, Comics and Magazines Book Club and Chat.

“To pass beyond your understanding and make yourself master of the universe”  …Manilius…
Enjoy digital subscriptions with any eReader. Whether you have a Kindle, Amazon or Nook. This is just for you.  Over 600 popular magazines to chose from.

Marvel Comics

View the best selection of Marvel Comics at

For a listing of the best free Marvel Comic copy and paste or type in “free comics” in the search engine on Marvels website.


Looking for the best DC Comics?

DC Comics

Find the best selection of DC Comics online at


You can earn online income with digital magazine subscriptions. There are over 600 popular magazines to choose from. Join Anything Books, Comics and Magazine awareness club today and receive free shareable and printable material to optimize your success.

For more information about Your Voice Your Choice Foundation and/or our read for a cause book club, “Anything Books, Comics, and Magazines,” or for free information on how to join, register and start reading for a cause today, please fill in your contact information in the contact section provided below:


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