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 Alien Shooter 2
Alien Shooter 2

Available on Android Six Guns


Marvel Contest of Champions

 Zombie Shooter
Zombie Shooter

taichi panda



Starwars The old republic


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4 thoughts on “Games”

  1. Six Guns is an awesome 3rd person role playing game where you battle outlaws and crones. The wild west themes, graphics and controls is on point with Six Guns on the Android market. Earn coin easily completing missions. With all the crones after you during missions and tasks, you might want to invest in health elixirs to keep you moving. Great game to have for on the go fun.


  2. Marvel Contest of Champions is full of excitement and adventure. Battle epic Marvel characters like the Incredible Hulk or Deadpool. Controls and graphics are amazing and easy to use. Upgrade your champions as you complete objectives to save coin. You can even sell one of your champions for more coin. This is one of the hottest Marvel game on the mobile market also available on Google Play.


  3. Taichi Panda is a terrific fantasy RPG. A crew of 5 mythical creatures including a swordsman, gun slinger, mage and bandant, which you can name and assign to friends and family, is lead character is the taichi panda whom you can also name. This RPG is full of tricks, prizes, mistery and adventure. You’ll take on barbarians, goblins, sorcerers and other gouwls to protect sacred villages and earn coin for magical treasures needed to upgrade your characters power and finesse. There are plenty of ways to earn more coin quick and without purchases, although, the purchase are well worth the cost for the best outfits, equipment and treasures. This is one of the best RPG apps available on the android mobile market. I recommend using this app on a tablet or similar product. Works great on the smart phone as well.


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