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Taliesin Nexus is a network of film and television producers, screenwriters and directors who share a passion for a free society and encourage storytellers, screenwriters, filmmakers and novelists to share ideas and stories for the development and advancement of their works. “One of the best ways to break into Hollywood is to work as an intern at a production company” says the Nexus. The Odysseus Fellowship program, endorsed Taliesin Nexus, places qualified applicants in paid three month internships at leading production companies, working for movers and shakers in the industry learning how the business works from the inside. The workshops applied by the Nexus are geared toward the development of screenwriters, storytellers, filmmakers, novelists and authors and advancement in their career. Storytelling development and career development is the focus of the Apollo Workshop which includes free tuition, room and board for qualified applicants. This is one of several workshop programs available with Taliesin Nexus.Scholarships are available for storytellers ( writers and filmmakers ) pursuing degrees in Master in Fine Arts. Also, grants are available for non profits promoting a social good for video equipment and training for creating and promoting online video. The workshop’s primary goal is to help attendees develop their careers. The Nexus is a place for creative writers and writing groups to join together to provide advice, creative critique and receive career guidance. Join Taliesin Nexus – Smash Cut Culture diverse voices and ideas, pop culture

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Receive a gift “Gourmet” gift basket with contribution of just $99.95. With your one time commitment you will become a supporter and sponsor for individuals with chronic/terminal health disorders. Proceeds collected through donation are contributed to the “Make a Wish” fund. We are proud supporters of our kids in health and education because the youth are our future.

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3 thoughts on “Short Films and Videos”

  1. “Easy is not an option” is a very powerful and compelling video. I very much enjoyed the speech given by Arnold Schwarzenegger during the film. Arnold is very passionate and motivational. Just thinking back on his career and title as Mr. Olympia, it is good yes, to here from someone who has gone the extra mile. This is true inspiration that if we dare to dream we can live that dream.


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